How beat dhaka Traffic

Once ever you came to Dhaka you know what Dhaka Traffic is. 'Dhaka Traffic' is now a term especially for Dhaka type of road blockage, not even traffic jam is.  I will tell you why walking in Dhaka is the moving faster than using a vehicle like Bus or CNG or Private car. However, people are hopeless and helpless as well on this issue. However, If you are new in Dhaka then this post may help you a bit especially if are a foreigner and trying to find a way to beat horrific traffic jam in Dhaka.

how to beat dhaka traffic
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Let discuss in depth how to beat Dhaka traffic one by one method I prefer.


If you have few minutes in hand then you can go this way. Normally, the distance google maps show 15 minutes bus or private car distance, it takes not less than one hour.

Let you want to go from Uttora to Airport. It is only around 7 Kilometers. Google Map says it will take 26 minutes and even more (calculating traffic jam. Your speed will not more than 14 km/hour, but actually it will close 6 to 10 km) So

calculate that how much you can walk per hour.

Yes, this is not practical that walking through street rather than using any transport but the situation is so fearful, and I am trying to help you to understand what actually situation is. if you don't have enough time, Please skip this method.

Using Pathao Ride

Pathao Ride is a Ride sharing community-based system which can give you an awesome opportunity to beat Dhaka Traffic. How? Pathao has motorbike ridesharing service and the Pathao expert bikers will fly (just kidding) like Superman, it does not how hard the traffic jam is, coz they actually know to how to use the tapper and narrow spaces among the vehicles when they are stuck in traffic jam. However, they drive recklessly, most of them don't care the traffic rules rather than they are more focused on beating the unbeatable Dhaka traffic.

Though you can trust on Pathao Ride, they are the only competitor of Dhaka Traffic Jam.

How to use Pathao ride

Quite simple. Just download the app from google play store or from iTunes and select the locations between you to want to travel and then request a rider, finalize the deal and meet with the rider and start your journey. Pay the bill and make a review. You are done.

For more clear information watch the youtube video below -

Pathao has more one service which is Pathao Car. You can check that too. Pathao Cars also a similar service like Pathao ride. Hope it will also help you to beat the Dhaka Traffic.

Using Uber Ride
Yes, Uber is also available in Dhaka. But if you think that Dhaka Uber will beat Dhaka Traffic completely, not possible it is. Coz you know Dhaka traffic is one and only, the unbeatable like the busted political leaders of Bangladesh. However, for a convenient, I mean a better journey you can use Uber ride in Dhaka. May help or not to beat Dhaka traffic a lot.

Get the Uber Dhaka app from google play store and iTunes

Using Google Map

Google map is now helping to the people google map showing real-time traffic status in Dhaka for most of the major rodes and highways. You can use that, whatever the service you are using. Let, you are using uber or Pathao car ride then don't forget to use this google map feature for Dhaka.

I am not sure, I much this post helped you. But I hope a bit of course especially you are new in Dhaka. Though this is all from me for now to beat the Dhaka traffic.