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Dhaka to Tangail Train Schedule and Ticket Price

Train route coverage in Tangail is very well reached. Why? Coz all the trains come from Dhaka to the northern and southern part of Bangladesh cross Tangail. However, In this post, we are going to cover Dhaka to Tangail train schedule, ticket price and Tangali to Dhaka train schedule and ticket price as well.

Tangail is the largest district in Dhaka division, Bangladesh but in terms of population, it is second. Once it was the part of Greater Mymensingh district but now it is a separate district and very important as well in perspective of road and rail communication both. The half of population of Bangladesh from Rajshahi and Rongpur division use Tangail as a transit to reach the capital of Bangladesh. So can you imagine how important Tangail district is?


Let's come to the main discussion -

Dhaka To Tangail Train Schedule 

Train No Name Off Day From Departure To
705 Ekota Express Tuesday BimanBandar 10:32 Tangail
725 Sundarban Express Wednesday BimanBandar 6:52 Tangail
751 Lalmani Express Friday BimanBandar 22:42 Tangail
753 Silkcity Express Sunday BimanBandar 15:12 Tangail
757 Drutajan Express Wednesday BimanBandar 20:32 Tangail
759 Padma Express Tuesday BimanBandar 23:42 Tangail
764 Chitra Express Monday BimanBandar 19:32 Tangail
765 Nilsagar Monday BimanBandar 8:40 Tangail
769 Dumketu Express Saturday BimanBandar 6:32 Tangail
771 Rangpur Express Sunday BimanBandar 9:32 Tangail
776 Sirajgonj Express Saturday BimanBandar 17:32 Tangail 

It seems that the trains run from Dhaka to Khulna or Dhaka to Rajshahi or Dhaka to Rongpur that most have a stoppage in Tangail so feel free to see the schedule to Komlapur Railway station when the trains are leaving for Khulna, Rajshahi and Rangpur division. For your kind information, I am attaching here Tangail to Dhaka Train schedule.

Dhaka to Tangail Ticket Price

Dhaka to Tangail Shovon Ticket Price 90 BDT.
Dhaka to Tangail Shovon Chair Ticket Price 105 BDT.
Dhaka to Tangail First Seat Ticket Price 175 BDT.
Dhaka to Tangail 1st Birth Ticket Price 140 BDT.
Dhaka to Tangail Snigdha Ticket Price 210 BDT.
Dhaka to Tangail AC Seat Ticket Price 210 BDT.
Dhaka to Tangail AC Birth Ticket Price 315 BDT

Tangail To Dhaka Train Schedule:

Train No Name Off Day From Departure To Arrival
706 Ekota Express Monday Tangail 5:42 Dhaka 8:10
725 Sundarban Express Tuesday Tangail 3:30 Dhaka 5:40
752 Lalmoni Express Friday Tangail 18:47 Dhaka 20:55
754 Silkcity Express Sunday Tangail 11:08 Dhaka 13:30
758 Drutajan Express Wednesday Tangail 16:08 Dhaka 18:10
760 Padma Express Tuesday Tangail 19:30 Dhaka 21:40
763 Chitra Express Monday Tangail 15:20 Dhaka 17:40
766 Nill Sagar Express Sunday Tangail 4:52 Dhaka 7:10
775 Sirajgonj Express Saturday Tangail 7:58 Dhaka 10:15

We already told you that the Tangail is very well connected with the rest of the country. You will be able to travel Tangail from anywhere in the country via train.

Tangail T Dhaka Train Schedule

The ticket price from Dhaka to Tangail is similar like Tangail to Dhaka.

Hope this Train schedule helped you. Have a nice journey.


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