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how to track train in bangladesh | Know the exact train location in Bangaldesh

Mr. Ayaan Haque recently taken 7 days off and decided that he along with his friends will go on a trip to sylhet by train. Everything was planned, but they didn’t have any idea about the train’s current location, train status, departure time, next station, next stoppage, cancellation etc. Eventually the missed the train.

how to track train in bangladesh | Know the exact train location in Bangaldesh

So, if they had known how to tack train, they wouldn’t have missed their trip.

Train journey is really something different from other means of transportation. It’s really a relax able journey, where natural beauty appears in your sight, where you see life, where you enjoy life. But, in Bangladesh You’ll be thrilled watching how people fight to board a train as soon as it arrive in a station, the rush in them to get up and down, all the small vendors trying to sell every kind of cheap things to the passengers through the windows of the train. It will be a complete different experience. Well it might seem very disgusting, but this experience is really enjoyable & definitely it’s an experience for lifetime. That is why, you should have at least one traveling by train in your itinerary on Bangladesh tour.

But, every good things also have dark side. Because of inadequate facilities many people doesn’t know about the train status, departure time, next station, next stoppage, cancellation etc. For this reason many travelers miss their beautiful planned journey and then they choose other source of transportation.

Since this is a problem it needs to be solved. There need to be some system to track trains in Bangladesh. There are some way to track train in Bangladesh.

Mobile Operators

Many mobile operator companies like Robi, Grameenphone, Banglalink has taken this initiative step to track train in Bangladesh.

Tracking Train Using Robi

Robi introduces Train Tracker service, an innovative & expedient value added service for customers.

Now bd people will be able to track the exact train schedule, location, its movement and so on just sending a SMS to the ROBI train tracking service system. Robi will charge 4 BDT vat and sd charges.

How to track train Through Robi

To track train using Robi just follow the following steps –
  1. Go to phone message option.
  2. Type TR [space] Train No**
  3. Send it to 16318
  4. Service Type: SMS Push-Pull

GrameenPhone Train Tracker Service

Like other mobile operators GrameenPhone also started their train tracker service and if a GP user then you can use their service without any hesitation. However, GP will cover the train schedule, Next station, next stop, Train cancellation, train late and other information’s they need. In short, travelling by trains has now become more convenient than ever for all GP users!!

How to Know train location through GP

  1. This is a quite easy task just sending a message from your mobile phone.
  2. Go to your message option
  3. Write TR <space> Train ID or Train No
  4. Send it to 16318
We are not covering all the mobile operators here due do procedure and codes are same. 

Tracking Train Via Android App

A lot of mobile app available in google play store provides train tracking service in Bangladesh. Like Bd Train Tracker.

But this apps don’t have any server based system to track train. The only thing this apps can do is they will send SMS on behave of you to the mobile operators. So this apps don’t have self GPS system which will track train. Bd train tracker use the mobile operators tracking system.
Before using any train tracking app don’t forget to read their reviews what people are asking about the app. Is it worth to use or just a garbage or an outdated shit?

However, mobile operators and train tracking train apps any one you can use both of them will show you same result because both of them use same source of information.

How to Know the train No to track train

The train no is required to know the train location. How you will get them. There are different ways to get them. One from the train ticket you have purchased from Bangladesh Railway ticket counter. At the top right side of the train ticket the train no usually typed.
How to Know the train No to track train

But you may don’t have the ticket inside your pocket always. For that situation I am Giving you a source of information.

Train No list of all Bangladeshi trains.

So, these are some ways to track train in Bangladesh and definitely all of these technique is very effective. From all these techniques everyone now get to know about the train’s current location, train status, departure time, next station, next stoppage, cancellation etc.

When all of these services were not in vogue people faced many problems. They waited in the railway station, because the train delayed, they missed their journey, because they didn’t have any idea about train’s current status, next station, next stoppage.But,now all of these problems are vanished. Right now by the help of technology, it has become very easier to avail all the information related to one’s journey. Technology made it easier to track train in Bangladesh. Now, people can have a safe, enjoyable, relax able journey that they really deserve. Trip to their fantasy.

In today’s situation anyone can also purchase ticket from his/her own home, he/she doesn’t have to be in a long line to purchase that precious ticket. So, train journey has become easier, and available.
Happy Journey.


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