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Travel Guide to Ladakh from Bangladesh

Travelling has become addiction and was planning to travel Ladakh science last six months. Finally the dream came true and thanks for that to the almighty.
A tour to ladakh from bangladesh

Travel Guide to Ladakh 

The visa was taken through Agartala Border. From Akhaura, my house is to go to Agartala in Akhaura for four hours. Absolutely empty immigration. There is no pressure, but people of immigration and customs are sitting there to find out on the other hand Benapole means people and people lot of crowed and a lot of hassle . Agartala from Dhaka should not take more than three hours.

A tour to ladakh from bangladesh

Agartala city is the capital of India's Tripura state its a Small, beautiful, developed city. Agartala Airport is touching the border of Bangladesh 14 km away from the city. There are air links with all of India. Wherever you go, however, you have to become either Kolkata or Guwahati. The interesting thing is that between Agartala and Calcutta, the Kolkata aircrafts will get between Rs 1800 and within 1300 rupees in Gauhati and wherever you go, you have to fly through Bangladesh. Yes you have to fly through Bangladesh if you use this route.

A tour to ladakh from bangladesh

My destination was Leh, Jammu and Kashmir's Leham state capital Leh. Two parts of Kashmir, one is the part of Srinagar which is green Kashmir, and this Ladakh Kashmir is white Kashmir. More than 600 km north of Delhi, China and Pakistan touch the border, absolutely.

A tour to ladakh from bangladesh

Leh Airport is 3500 meters above sea level. After landing, it was an awesome experience which was a bit different just cool. The oxygen is very low in the air so there are many kinds of physical problems are encountered occurs. It has been said that take rest for the first day fro the rest of the days so that the body is able to cope with this height. Leh Airport is surrounded by mountains. The famous Indus River is situated beside it. To fly on this river is to fly at a small airport. The mountains around are neither rocks nor mud.

A tour to ladakh from bangladesh

Best Time to Go Ladakh

The best time to visit ladakh from May to October. At other times, there is too much cold weather it will ruin your life and nothing can be seen and 90% of the hotels in the off-time are closed, so there will be problems with staying and eating travelling and a lot difficulties.

A tour to ladakh from bangladesh

Estimated Travel Cost

From Calcutta, it can easily go to Delhi on trains or in the air, in 4500 taka, and also from Agartala. It is better to go from Agartala to the plane. Many times and energy will survive. Return flights are available in Delhi from 6000/7000 rupees. Of course, tickets must be cut beforehand.

Adventurous Way

 If you have enough time in your hand and you become little bit adventurous, then you can go to Manali in Himachal Pradesh or Srinagar from Kashmir by road. In that case you have to journey least 480 km and you should have mental and physical strength to do so. However, I can guarantee that this will be the best travel in your life. . But the thing is this route is open only six months a year. From May to October. So make your schedule following this time frame.

A tour to ladakh from bangladesh

A bit disturbance 

Mobile SIM is not available in Kashmir. So the hotel's WiFi, or the market cyber café trust.

Some Security Steps

It is important to have a healthyfor travel to Ladakh. Healthy does not means someone with very strong or body builder consisting six pack but its mean you are not sick and feeling well.  At the airport, you must fill out the required forms for the Foreigners, know and follow the instructions for safety. Otherwise, all the tournaments for one team will be random.

Credit: Wahid Emon