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The Seven Dangerous Railroads in the World

Everybody like to travel through train, a lot of reasons behind it. But the thing is if the route is dangerous, if crossing a railway bridge become a horror movie then what it will be? However, in world railway history the human being built a lot of dangerous railway routes including risky railway bridges. In this post we are going to list down seven dangerous railroads in the world. Hope this will something new to you. Lets start.

The Seven Dangerous Railroads in the World

The disclaimer before starting discussion is this not a ranking measuring dangers of them.


The Pamban bridge was built in 1914 to connect between Rameswaram and Pamban, the two islands. This bridge built on the sea is 2.6 km long. The bridge is becoming risky day by day due to maintenance cost but Indian railway trying hard to keep intact this heritage. However this is really a dangerous railway bridge in the world.

Santa-Antofagasta Railway

This railway is located between Argentina's Salta and Antofagasta, Chile. After completing 27 years of work, its construction ended in 1948. A part of this line is located at a height of 4,220 meters above the earth's surface. As it is the world's fifth highest line in the world. About nine and a half kilometer long, this railway has 29 bridges and 21 tunnels. A long adventurers journey right?

Georgetown Loop, USA

The train runs through the railroad in the state of Colorado now with tourists. Tourists can see the beauty of the surrounding hills while passing this route 7 km 2 kilometers long. The most interesting part of this path is the 'Devil's Gate High Bridge'. The height of the soil is 30 meters.

Kubanda Sinnik Railway, Australia

The 34-kilometer long railway line has gone through a dense rainforest. Several fountains are found on the way. But passengers may be a little afraid of occasional steep hiking.

Devil's Noise, Ecuador

From the height of the height of 500 meters on the steep hill, suddenly down the train by the shield is definitely dangerous and scary. The Ecuadoran railway line is 12 kilometers long and the surface is 2,700 meters high.


Linton and Lynn Mouth Clip Railway, England

There is a mountain of about 260m standing in the center of Linton and Lynnmouth. This railway was established in 1898 to establish contact between the residents of these two cities

Cambers and Toltek Sink Railroad, USA

The 103-kilometer long line was constructed in 1880 in the state of New Mexico, in the state of Chama and Colorado, and in the city of Antonio. This line still runs coalmine trains.

This is the worlds seven dangerous railroads. Leave your comments about it.
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