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Top Five Tunnels in India

Wordls longest railway channels and routes operated in india and this is called world largest railway authority. History of railway in india is too old, it was started in the middle of the eightinth century. A lot of railway routes, stations and tunnels was built and science it is devloping and growing. However in this post I will cover Top five tunnels in India.

Top Five Tunnels in India

Top Five Railway Tunnels in India

A lot of railway tunnels in India. We have found a list of railway tunnels. Here is it's list -
  1. Pir Panjal Railway Tunnel
  2. Karbude
  3. Nathuwadi
  4. Tike
  5. Berdewadi

Pir Panjal Railway Tunnel: 

Pir Panjal railway tunnel or the Banihal railway tunnel is the biggest railway tunnel science we are wrting this post was opened for public in 2013. This tunnel is situated in North of Banihal town Jammu and Kashmir its lenght is 11.215 m, width 8.40 m wide and height 7.39 m. This is the fourth largest railway tunnel in asia. There is a three meter road along side the railway inside the tunnel for railway maintanance work and emergency relif. It takes around nine minutes to cross the tunnel. 

Karbude Railway Tunnel
Karbude railway tunnel is situated in Ratnagiri, Moharastro in the Konkan railway route. Its around 6.5 Kilometers long. This is the second larget in length railway tunnel in India. 

Nathuwadi Railway Tunnel

Nathuwadi railway tunnel also situated in Moharastro, India. Its 4389 Km. This tunnel connected
Karanjadi and Diwan Khavati stations. This is the Third longest railway station in terms of length. The construction of the tunnel was completted in 1998. Nathuwadi railway tunnel is a the part of most beautiful railway route in India due the the landscape and surrounding natural beauty. Really a wanderful place to travel. 

Tike Railway Tunnel

This is another property of Moharastro because this is also situated in Moharastro. Tike tunnel connected Ratnagiri and Nivasar. Ratnagiri is a port city and have indias beautiful railway route due its natural beauty. This tunnel is an another addition on it's beauty. However tike tunnel is 4.3 Kilometer long and one of the largest railway tunnel in India. 

Berdewadi Railway Tunnel

Four out of five railway tunnels situated in Moharastro, India. This is just awesome. yes, Berdewadi railway tunnel also situated in Moharastro. This tunnel connected Adavali and Vilawade railway stations. It is 4000 meters long and was opened for public use in 1997. 

This is the top five railway tunnels in India.