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Gotthard Tunnel the Longest Tunnel in the World

Believe it or not, a mountain is not an obstacle to the modern day's for their transportation, the can climb to it, can overcome it, can drill it, can build the tunnel throughout its chest and whatever it is The Alps one of the biggest mountains in the world. Yes, the longest tunnel in the world is The Alps.

Gotthard Tunnel the Longest Tunnel in the World

The railway was a great invention of the eighteenth century and with railway route building tunnel was also a great invention. However, the railway engineering companies building time science a long time. In the twentieth century, it got a new dimension. The Swiss railway broke any previous historical record in building the tunnel. Once it was a dream and crossing the Alps was an obstacle but now The Alps concurred by building the tunnel underneath of Alps worlds largest and deepest tunnel as well.

Gotthard base tunnel is now the longest tunnel in the world you know. Before Gotthard tunnel the Seikan tunnel, Japan was the longest tunnel in the world science 1988 to 2016. Let's see the infographic below -

longest tunnel in the world
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At a glance Gotthard base tunnel
  • Was opened for public use: June 2016
  • Length: 57.09 Km
  • Construction Period: From 1999 to 2016, it's around two-decade closely 17 years. 
  • Constructed by: AlpTransit Gotthard AG
  • Authority: Swiss Federal Railways
  • Total cost: Twelve thousand and five hundred million dollars. 
  • Daily capacity of transport: Now two sixty freight train and sixty-five passenger train is running every day. 
  • Total employe now: Two thousand and six hundred people. 
  • Time to cross it needs seventeen minutes. 
  • Depth: 2.3 Kilometer from the surface of the earth. 

This rail route has introduced with a new transportation era between North and South Europe. Now it's much easier than before to travel, cargo transport and so on and it also cost effective too. In a word, this Gotthard tunnel is a breakthrough in transport in Europe, public transport, and business route as well. The Swiss authority says that it is a revolution in transporting goods and business.

The construction under the Alps, cracking 73 types rocks, some of them were very hard and some of them were very soft, this was not an easy task. It was used four crore cubic meter concrete.

There is an interesting information about Gotthard tunnel is its design was created seventy years ago but was not started to build due to so many reasons. Finally, it was built.