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Saidpur Railway Workshop | Saidpur railway Karkhana

Saidpur is upozilla of Nilphamari district but this city is one of the oldest city in Bangladesh. Rater then it's age it's much more well known due to Saidpur railway workshop and its second name is railway city.

Still, this workshop using hundreds old railway technology but they are trying hard to fulfill the demand of Bangladesh railway using their limited resources.

vulcan locomotives train in saidpur railway workshop

Saidpur railway workshop was found in 1870 at the then British period. There were 26 workshops. The capacity of no of workers here are around three thousand but actively work here around one thousand due to lack of workers this station is not running in its full face. Through proper planning and management with update technologies said railway Karkhana will be a great asset to Bangladesh railway. I want to add more to here that, most of the trains are imported to Bangladesh. If we can adopt update technologies here with proper planning then Bangladesh will able to manufacture new trains too and need not to export trains from abroad. It will save a lot of money and foreign currency as well.

workshop inside saidpur

Railway Museum 

This is not only a railway workshop but also it is a railway museum. A lot of old engines are here science the British period.

In front of the administration building, there is an abandoned train engine was built in 1901 by a British company Vulcan. This train ran with a great proud from stations to stations by years by years gorgeously. But now its a history and a showcase. Last time it ran in Bagerhat to Rupsha route. So that I have told it as a railway museum.

Small mechanical parts manufacture

Saidpur workshop produces a lot of small parts in a small rate but they are effectively using for the railway.

small parts production by saidpur railway workshop

Repair work

The main business of this workshop is to repairing old train compartments and rebuilding it too. This is an important task for this workshop.

Building new compartments

Another main task of this workshop is to build new railway compartments too. Saidpur railway workshop is manufacturing very well compartments form its establishment. This is it's the best skill.

Technicians safety

To the factories and industries, there is a well-known talk 'safety first'. But Here in Saidpur, the workers are very unaware about the safety measures. This is awful. They are doing a lot of risky tasks, like welding, repairing,  melting metals and so on so on but I don't have seen enough safety equipment and steps here. They are working randomly and awfully which is dangerous. I hope that they will take necessary safety steps.

saidpur railway worklshp  welding work by workwas

How to go to Saidpur railway workshop

Dhaka to Saidpur communication is quite good in every aspect, you can use bus, trains, and air too. There is an airport in Saidpur too. If you want to use bus there is a direct bus from Kollanpur, college gate Dhaka, or Gabtoli bus stand Dhaka. There is two air service by united airways and Bangle airways two times in a week, it takes only thirty to forty minutes. So no doubt this will be an awesome journey. Check out for more details train schedule here

However, engineering students come here every year and for their industrial attachments and learn a lot of things. Hope this post will little bit helpful for all. Thanks