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A Tour To Sajek Valley

If you want to go a place where clouds fly by, you should visit one place which is in Bangladesh. Yes, don't become surprised. It is Sajek Valley. Sajek Valley is like a minor heaven on the earth for its density of natural beauty.

Sajek Valley at a Glance

Sajek Valley is a hilly area with the veil of fog or cloud, enriched with forest, rare animals and narrow rivers. It is a generally hilly area and located at Rangamati very close to the indian border of Mirozam. It has several narrow rivers of clean water flowing through between the hills like veins of our blood. Kachalon and March along are notable of those rivers. This part of Bangladesh is enriched with dense forest. For the hilly lands of Sajek, the roads of Sajek have picks and falls. The native of this land is Chakma, Marma, Tripura, Lusai etc.

How to Go Sajek Valley from Dhaka

Well at first the tourist has to reach to Khagrachari. Buses like Hanif, Nationa or Shyamoli transport people there daily. They have counters in Gabtali, Kalabagan etc. area. After reaching Khagrachari, the tourists should rent a roofless jeep. Then he has to go first to dighinala.

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He can go for a tour to Dighinala waterfall. He can take bath there and get enough drinking water for his tour as there is a crisis of drinking water in Sajek. But they do not need to worry because buses supply drinking water every day. Dighinala is 23-kilometers from Khagrachari. There is a barrack there. After that, he has to go through an escort of an army. The escort time is from 10 to 11. Tourist should go before this time.

Otherwise, he has to wait till afternoon for next escort. He has to go through Bagairhat and Machalang hat to reach Sajek. The journey is very exciting as the road from Dighinala to Sajek is zigzag and is in a hilly area.

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Accommodation Facilities in Sajek

Some average motels are available in Khagrachari. The hotels of Dighinala are a littile bit better. The best resorts ore accommodation are Porjoton Motel (Tourism Motel), Sajek Resort: Alo (Light) Resort. Dighinala Guest house, Shahjahan hotel.

The tourists can book them with the help of internet. All those resorts have their own pages. Tourists can visit there. But a maximum number of tourists books their rooms going there in person at the time of their tourism. Actually, there is no scarcity of the hotel in Sajek. The rate to stay in this hotel is from 200tk to 10000tk.

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Foods and other issues

The report of the food crisis in Sajek is seen frequently in the newspaper. Sajek is a distant area. People started going there not long ago for its security problem. But Bangladesh army and BGB have made their camps there so the insecurity has released. But still, the transportation system is very poor. This why the sufficient amount of food for the tourists does not reach theirs continuously.

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Another problem is Malaria. This has been reported in the valley. The tourists should take mosquito repeller with them.

Sajek is a very beautiful place. The tourists should keep this valley clean. They should not leave any junk or unnecessary things behind there. It is our duty to keep these tourist spots clean. Otherwise, we can lose its beauty.

Sajek is one of the most beautiful places of the whole Bangladesh. It is a rising tourist spot. Every person should tour there at the time of their vacation and keep it clean.