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Dhaka to Rajshahi Train Schedule and Ticket Price

I feel very excited if I think to visit Rajshahi the silk city. So hope guy's the train schedule from Dhaka to Rajshahi and the ticket price I have mentioned below will help you.

There are four trains are available from Dhaka to Rajshahi and Rajshahi to Dhaka as well. They are named four but they are actually three trains. Silkcity, Dhumketu, and Padma this three actually named three but they are actually two, and they up and down Dhaka to Rajshahi thrice.

However, most of the trains from Dhaka to Rajshahi are new except the Rajshahi Express runs from Dhaka to Chapainobabgong.

If you need to know more check out bd train schedule of all stations.

*** In this post you will found both the train schedule and ticket price both just scroll with patience. Thanks.
Dhaka to Rajshahi trainc schedule and ticket price
Aam Cotter Rajshahi

Dhaka To Rajshahi Train Schedule

Train No Name Off Day From Departure To Arrival
753 Silkcity Express Sunday BimanBandar 15:12 Rajshahi 21:05
759 Padma Express Tuesday BimanBandar 23:42 Rajshahi 04:50
769 Dumketu Express Saturday BimanBandar 06:32 Rajshahi 11:50
5 Rajshahi Express No BimanBandar 11:49 Chapainobabgonj 21:45

Note: This schedule is from Airport Railway Station

Rajshahi to Dhaka Train Schedule

Train No Name Off Day From Departure To Arrival
754 Silkcity Express Sunday Rajshahi 7:30:00 AM Dhaka 2:00:00 PM
760 Padma Express Tuesday Rajshahi 4:00:00 PM Dhaka 9:50:00 PM
770 Dumkatu Express Friday Rajshahi 11:20:00 PM Dhaka 4:55:00 AM

Dhaka to Rajshahi Train Ticket Price

From Dhaka to Rajshahi Silkcity Express, Padma Express, and Dhumketu Express, these three train ticket prices are same.

Dhaka to Rajshahi Shovon Chair ticket price is 315 BDT
Dhaka to Rajshahi Ac seat ticket fare is 725 BDT
Dhaka to Rajshahi Snighdha ticket price 604 BDT

Rajshahi to Dhaka Train Ticket Price

Rajshahi to Dhaka ticket price is same mentioned above. Up and down ticket fare is same so don't worry.

Silkcity Express

The train leaves Dhaka at 3.12 PM towards Rajshahi and leaves Rajshahi towards Dhaka at 7.30 AM is named as Silkcity Express.

Padma Express: 

Padma Express leaves Dhaka at 11.42 PM towards Dhaka and leaves Rajshahi at 4:00 PM towards Dhaka.

Dhumketu Express

Dhumketu Express leaves Dhaka Airport Station at 6:32 AM towards Dhaka and leaves Rajshahi at 11:20 PM.

The most exciting part of Dhaka to Rajshahi train journey is, if you ever travel in the rainy season then you will cross the Colon Beel the largest lake in Bangladesh. The train will pass through the railroad it will seem like you are crossing a sea and nothing you could see elsewhere. which is really awesome. Have a nice journey from Dhaka to Rajshahi.

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