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Dhaka to chittagong train schedule and ticket price Updated

The most busy and important railway route in Bangaldesh is Dhaka to Chittagong. So severally people need to know Dhaka to Chittagong train schedule and ticket price as well. So in this article we will discuss both the train schedule and ticket fare.

Seven Trains Up and down from Dhaka to Chittagong and Chittagong to Dhaka. We will mention them one by one both in a text format and a table.

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Dhaka to chittagong train schedule and ticket price

Dhaka to Chittagong Train Schedule: 

Train Off day From Departure To Arrival
Subarna Express Friday Dhaka 15:00 Chittagong 22:05
Mohanagar Provati No Dhaka 7:40 Chittagong 15:40
Mohanagar Godhuli Sunday Dhaka 16:20 Chittagong 0:00
Turna Express No Dhaka 23:30 Chittagong 7:30
Chittagong mail No Dhaka 22:30 Chittagong 8:10
Karnaphuli express No Dhaka 8:25 Chittagong 19:25
Chattala Express Tuesday Dhaka 11:00 Chittagong 20:05

Dhaka to Chittagong Train Ticket Fare

From Dhaka to Chittagong and Chittagong to Dhaka Train ticket price are same and even it's almost similar to the all trains. Check the table below hope you will get a clear concept from here.

AC Class Berth Price 1093 BDT
AC Class Seat Price 731 BDT
First Class Berth Price  635 BDT
1st Class Seat Price  425 BDT
Shovon Chair Price  320 BDT
Shuvon Price  285 BDT
Shulov Price 160 BDT

The Ticket price from Dhaka to Chittagong or Chittagong in a table format is -

AC class berth AC class seat Snigdha 1st class berth 1st class seat Shuvon Chair Shuvon Shulov
1093 731 610 635 425 320 285 160

Chittagong To Dhaka Train Schedule:

Train Off day From Departure To Arrival
Subarna Express Friday Chittagong 6:40 Dhaka 13:20
Mohanagar Goduli No Chittagong 15:00 Dhaka 22:30
Mohanagar Provati Sunday Chittagong 7:00 Dhaka 14:50
Turna Express No Chittagong 23:00 Dhaka 6:40
Dhaka mail No Chittagong 22:30 Dhaka 8:00
Karnaphuli express No Chittagong 10:30 Dhaka 21:30
Chattala Express Tuesday Chittagong 8:40 Dhaka 16:40

Subarna Express

This train leaves the Capital at 3.00 PM from Komlapur Railway Station. Then it reach to Bimanbondor station or Airport Station. Subarna Express off day from Dhaka is Friday means subarna express does not launch any trip from Dhaka in Friday.

If you want to start your journey from Airport then Check Airport Railway station train schedule.

Subarna Express leaves Ctg at 6:40 AM. Check out Subarna Express ticket Price from above.

Mohanagar Goduli

Mohanagr Goduli express leaves Dhaka 4:20 PM and On return leaves Ctg. at 3:00 PM. This tain has no off day just carrying passengers restlessly.  Mohanagar Goduli Express ticket fare is same like other Chittagong Train.

The major stoppage of Mahanagor Goduli Express are Feni, Comilla, Akhaura, B. Baria. Bhairab Bazar.

Mohanagor Provati

This train also don't have any off day, non stop serving to the people of Bangladesh.
Mohanagor Provati leaves the capital at 7:40 AM and from Ctg it start it's journey at 7.15 AM. Mohanagor Provati off at Sunday.


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    1. E-ticket of #cnsbd
      Train ticket has been released in our railway website for 14th MAR-22th MAR. Please visit bd railway website or call here for more info of E-ticket. +8801920601083
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  2. The fare of ac berth-is it per person or persons berth?


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