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Amazing journey from Dhaka to Moinot ghat The mini Cox Bazar

In this modern era, life is becoming so much complicated. So for getting a pleasure in their life, people try to find somewhere they can spend their time with an enjoyable moment. Recently, a place is discovered near to Dhaka only for those who are crazy and so much interested in healing their heart from boredom and busy life. This most beautiful place is ‘Moinot ghat’ sometimes which is called as Mini Cox’s Bazar.

Dhaka to Moinot ghat The mini Cox Bazar
img credit: the daily star Newspaper

Location of Moinot ghat resort

Moinot ghat which is also known as Mini Cox’s Bazar is located in Dohar Upazila of Nawabgonj near Dhaka.Padma which is one of the biggest rivers in Bangladesh has flowed beside this moinot ghat.

Recently discovered place containing a lot of natural amazing scenery of water wave of Padma river in where for a moment you will forget yourself and you will get an extraordinary moment which you never can express in word. So in short, Moinot Ghat is a place full of natural beauties for the refreshment of modern jumble life.

Beauties of Moinot Ghat

If you want fresh air to breath in,  the cold water to soothe your body and mind and finally a day well spent , then without any hesitation Moinot Ghat is the suitable place for fulfill your all requirements. Here you can enjoy all natural beauties. You can enjoy the melodious sound of the water wave, sunrise, and sunset.In night you can enjoy the most charming moment that a lot of boats are floating on the chest of Padma river. You can enjoy a short beach view like as Cox’s Bazar.

In short the beauties of moinot ghat are untold and when you will walk on the beach of Moinot Ghat you will forget for just a moment that you are not staying in Dahor but you are staying in Cox’s Bazar.

How to go Moinot Ghat from Dhaka

How to go Moinot Ghat from Dhaka

The easiest way to go to Moinot Ghat from Dhaka is that a short journey by bus named ‘Jamuna Poribohon’ which leaves Dhaka towards moinot ghat from in front of ‘Golap Shah Mazar’ at Gulisthan. It will take one and a half to two and half hours to reach Moinot Ghat. The rent is 90 taka per passenger. You may return to Dhaka by the same bus. The latest bus leaves Moinot Ghat at 6 o’clock in the evening.

You may travel by ‘An Mollik Poribohon’ which leaves Dhaka from the same place.In this case this bus will leave you at Majhir Kanda in Nawabgonj. The rent is 70 taka. From this place with the help of local auto you need to go Bashtola at Dohor at 15 taka per passenger. 

If you want you may stay at Laxmiprosad and can enjoy an oldest house named ‘Poddar Bari’.Besides, you may visit ‘Jojbari’,’Ukilbari’,’Khelaram datar bari’ so on attractive places.After that you need to go Kattikpur from Bashtola at 15 taka with the help of local auto. Finally, you will come to Moinot Ghat using local auto at 10 takas. You may also take the help of Ricksha at Taka 20. 

You may journey by ‘Nogor Poribohon’ at Taka 90.But it will pass through Munsigonj. You may travel by CNG but it will take more rent about 180-200 taka.After all, you can use your private car or other rented vehicles as your wish.

night mode at moinot ghat
night mode at Moinot Ghat

Special food 

In Moinot Ghat there have two hotels where rice and a number of types of fishes are available.One is Hotel of Atahar Chowdhury and another is Hotel of Zulhas Bhuia.Here you may enjoy the most tested fish Hilsa. It will take 60-90 taka.But if you want to eat large size Hilsa then you must pre-order that. You may also enjoy a number of types of sweet.You’ll find traditional sweet in Kartikpur. So don’t miss to taste it. Ranjit and Niranjan mishtannovandar are popular for their quality of the sweets.

Enjoy boat ride

You may enjoy the floating in the Padma River.For this task, you need to rent a reserved boat or trawler or small sized boat. In the case of reserved boat rent is around Tk 1000-2000 and in the case of the trawler, this rent is Tk 500-1000.But if you like to take a small sized boat then this cost will reduce to TK 300-600 for per hour.

Night stay

As this place is recently discovered so there is no facility to stay at night.So you need to back before sunset.

Finally, you can have a short trip to Moinot Ghat to enjoy the awesome natural beauties.


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