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Train Schedule from Ishwardi Railway Junction, Pabna

Ishurdi Railway Junction, Pabna is the one of the biggest railway junction of Bnagldesh and one of the most important railway station for Bangldesh Railway. You may know the details history of Ishurdi Railway station from here.

  • Ishwardi Railway station 

Train schedule from ishwardi railway station
Ishwardi railway station train schedule

Train Schedule of Ishurdi Railway Station 

Train No Name Off Day From Departure To Arrival
715 Kapotaksha Express Saturday Ishurdi 11:55:00 AM Rajshahi 1:10:00 PM
716 Kapotaksha Express Saturday Ishurdi 3:30:00 PM Khulna 8:50:00 PM
725 Sundarban Express Tuesday Ishurdi 12:35:00 AM Dhaka 5:40:00 AM
726 Sundarban Express Wednesday Ishurdi 11:30:00 AM Khulna 4:20:00 PM
727 Rupsha Express Thursday Ishurdi 12:50:00 PM Saidpur 5:15:00 PM
728 Rupsha Express Thursday Ishurdi 12:50:00 PM Khulna 6:00:00 PM
747 Simanta Express No Ishurdi 2:00:00 AM Saidpur 6:20:00 AM
748 Simanta Express No Ishurdi 11:35:00 PM Khulna 4:30:00 AM
755 Madhumati Express Thursday Ishurdi 07:10:00 PM Rajshahi 8:30:00 PM
756 Madhumati Express Thursday Ishurdi 8:35:00 AM Goaland Ghat 12:40:00 PM
761 Sagordari Express Monday Ishurdi 08:10:00 PM Rajshahi 09:40:00 PM
762 Sagardari Express Monday Ishurdi 8:15:00 AM khulna 1:30:00 PM
763 Chitra Express Monday Ishurdi 01:25:00 PM Dhaka 06:20:00 PM
764 Chitra Express Monday Ishurdi 12:05:00 AM khulna 5:10:00 AM
775 Sirajgonj Express Saturday Ishurdi 7:45:00 AM Dhaka 3:30:00 PM

Mail/Express Trains from Ishwardi Station

Train No Name Off Day From Departure To Arrival
5 Rajshahi Express No Ishurdi 5:40:00 PM ChapaiNawabgonj 9:45:00 PM
15 Mohananda Express No Ishurdi 6:20:00 PM ChapaiNawabgonj 10:45:00 PM
16 Mohananda Express No Ishurdi 10:35:00 AM Khulna 5:30:00 PM
23 Rocket Express No Ishurdi 4:35:00 PM Parbatipur 10:00:00 PM
24 Rocket Express No Ishurdi 6:00:00 PM Khulna 12:10:00 AM
57 Rajshahi Commuter No Ishurdi 07:00:00 AM ChapaiNawabgonj 11:20:00 AM
An important info is,  Ishwardi Railway Junction, Pabna is the headquarter of West Zone Railway of Bangladesh. So travel and enjoy your tour.

If you don't see Ishwardi Rialway junction means you don't have seen anything of Bangladesh railway. So don't think this is just a railway station or junction but a tourist spot or a historical place. why?

You know this is the largest railway junction in Bangladesh and the gate of the largest Bangladesh railway bridge Hardinge Bridge

Ishwardi Railway Junction is connected with Rajshahi, Khulna, Parbotipur Dinajpur and with Dhaka as well. This is just a big railway junction.

This railway Junction has a bright history. The then British period this was a part of Calcutta to Shiliguri, and the journey was around closely five hundred kilometers. Before building the Hardinge bridge there were two laps of the long route. First one was from Calcutta to Dhamukdia the ghat the southern bank of Padma river and after crossing river from Ishwardi to Shiliguri.

However, this famous railway station was established at  1878, how much it is? can you please calculate? It is more then hundred years old now. yes, hundrades years passed a lot of things has been changed but this railway station till unchanged.

The length of this yeard is two kilometers and Seventeen Railway lines which is massive in perspective of Bangladesh.

So hope you guys Ishwardi railway station train schedule will help you to travel from Ishwardi. Have a nice travel.



  1. Ishwardi thake mail kakhon joypurhat cere

    1. This is the train schedule of Joypurhat Railway station.


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