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Train Schedule from Chittagong Railway Station

Chittagong Railway Station is a very important station among bd railway stations. This is the most important railway station in Chittagong Division.

chittagong railway station train schedule
Ctg railway station train schedule

Trains from Chittagong Railway Station

Intercity Trains from Ctg

Train No Name Off Day From To Departure Arrival
701 Subarna Express Friday Chittagong Dhaka 6:40:00 AM 1:20:00 PM
703 Mahanagar Godhuli No Chittagong Dhaka 3:00:00 PM 10:30:00 PM
719 Paharika Monday Chittagong Sylhet 8:15:00 AM 6:00:00 PM
721 Mahanagar Provati Sunday Chittagong Dhaka 7:00:00 AM 2:50:00 PM
723 Udayn Express Saturday Chittagong Sylhet 9:45:00 PM 7:25:00 AM
729 Meghna Express No Chittagong Chandpur 5:00:00 PM 10:45:00 PM
741 Turna Express No Chittagong Dhaka 11:00:00 PM 6:40:00 AM

Mail Express from Chittagong Railway Station

29 Sagharika Express No Chittagong Chandpur 7:40:00 AM 2:15:00 PM
37 Mymensingh Express No Chittagong B.B. East 3:20:00 PM 9:30:00 AM
67 Chattala Express Tuesday Chittagong Dhaka 8:40:00 AM 4:40:00 PM
79 Laksam Comuter Friday Chittagong Comilla 5:30:00 PM 10:30:00 PM
Chittagong Comuter-1 No Chittagong Janalihat 9:00:00 AM 11:55:00 AM
Chittagong Comuter-3 No Chittagong Janalihat 4:30:00 PM 7:18:00 PM
Bishabiddaloy Comuter-3 Chittagong Chittagong Uni. 1:10:00 PM 2:20:00 PM
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Nothing to say about Chittagong and Chittagong railway station. This is the second biggest city in Bangladesh. Most importantly important for Chittagong railway station is the shuttle train service to Chittagong university. Thousands of student use this train service everyday. This is really an amazing journey too.

However, Chittagong is connected with Dhaka, Comilla, Sylhet, Chadpur, and Maymenshing via train which means this is connected in a very well manner with the whole country.

The available intercity trains from Chittagong are Paharika, Meghna, Turna, Subarno, Mohanagor Godholi etc.

And the available mail express trains from Chittagong railway station are Maymensingh express, Chittra express, Laksam comuter, university comuter and so on.

You know train journey is always pretty then bus journey in Bangladesh and if will invent it in a new approach when you will travel from Chittagong to Chittagong university. A really awesome journey. You can read more at Dhaka to Chittagong train schedule and ticket price.

Hope the train schedule from Chittagong railway station will help you a lot. Thanks