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Train Schedule from Akhaura Railway Station

Akhaura Station Train Schedule

Akhaura Railway Station, Brahmanbaria is an important station in Chittagong Division.
Here is its train schedule. You can travel from this station to Dhaka, Chittagong, Maymensingh, Sylhet and Noakhali too.

Train Schedule from Akhaura Railway Station
Train Schedule from Akhaura Railway Station

Intercity trains from Akhaura Station

Train No Name Off Day From Departure To Arrival
703 Mohanagar Godhuli No Akhaura 19:23 Dhaka 22:15
704 Mohanagar Provati No Akhaura 10:23 Chittagong 14:55
711 Upakul Express Wednesday Akhaura 09:30 Dhaka 12:30
712 Upakul Express Tuesday Akhaura 18:15 Noakhali 21:40
719 Paharika Express Monday Akhaura 13:25 Sylhet 18:00
720 Paharika Express Saturday Akhaura 15:35 Chittagong 20:10
721 Mohanagar Express Sunday Akhaura 16:43 Dhaka 19:30
722 Mohanagar Express Sunday Akhaura 23:53 Chittagong 05:00
723 Udayan Express Saturday Akhaura 02:25 Sylhet 06:55
724 Udayan Express Sunday Akhaura 01:50 Chittagong 06:35
741 Turna No Akhaura 03:33 Dhaka 06:30
742 Turna No Akhaura 02:28 Chittagong 07:10
785 Bijoy Express Wednesday Akhaura 12:15 Mymensingh 16:45
786 Bijoy Express Tuesday Akhaura 00:27 Chittagong 05:30

Mail/Express trains from Akhaura Station

Train No Name Off Day From Departure To Arrival
1 Dhaka Mail No Akhaura 04:00 Dhaka 07:40
2 Chittagong Mail No Akhaura 03:10 Chittagong 07:50
3 Karnafuli Express No Akhaura 15:30 Dhaka 21:10
4 Karnafuli Express No Akhaura 12:50 Chittagong 18:30
9 Surma Mail No Akhaura 04:40 Sylhet 12:20
10 Surma Mail No Akhaura 04:22 Dhaka 09:45
11 Dhaka Express No Akhaura 01:37 Dhaka 06:50
12 Noakhali Express No Akhaura 01:30 Noakhali 06:40
13 Jalalabad Express No Akhaura 03:10 Sylhet 11:20
14 Jalalabad Express No Akhaura 05:50 Chittagong 12:40
17 Kushiara Express No Akhaura 06:00 Sylhet 14:20
33 Titas Commuter No Akhaura 05:00 Dhaka 08:35
37 Mymensingh Express No Akhaura 22:40 Banga Bondhu Setu (East) 09:30
38 Mymensingh Express No Akhaura 16:03 Chittagong 21:00
67 Chattala Express Tuesday Akhaura 12:45 Dhaka 15:45
68 Chattala Express Tuesday Akhaura 16:03 Chittagong 21:00
89 Comilla Comuter Saturday Akhaura 07:30 Dhaka 11:30
89 Down Comilla Comuter Saturday Akhaura 04:50 Comilla 05:45
90 Comilla Comuter Friday Akhaura 17:10 Comilla 19:00
93 Sylhet Comuter Friday Akhaura 15:30 Sylhet 21:55

** This are the Train Schedule from Akhaura Railway station. Have a nice journey. If this info helps you just pray for me. Allah hafiz.

Akhaura is not only a railway station but a Railway junction and one of the most important railway junction in eastern railway and Bangladesh Railway. however, This junction is connected with the capital Dhaka, Chittagong, Comilla, Sylhet, Noakhali, Banga Bondhu Setu East too.

This is not only a railway station but also a railway junction due to you have to pass this station if want to go Dhaka to sylhet and dhaka to chittagong. Moreover this is the gateway of Agartola, Tripura, India. The Tripura border is only five killometers away from Akhaura railway station.

There are three platofrms to this station. The station buildings are with old British architecture and not even rebuild I think. I fell British collonial flavour if I do journey by train in most of the railway stations in Bangladesh and this flavour is true for Akhaura railway station too. However, The journey by train has never been boring in all over the world and this is not too to my lovely beautiful Bangladesh.

So this railway station is an important railway station.

Akhaura Upazila is one the oldest Upozila in Bangladesh was established in 1976.