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Santahar Railway Junction Train Schedule

Trains from Santahar Railway Station

Santahar is the one of the biggest railway jucntion in Bangladesh. So busy station it is. Here is its train schedule.

No train can cross come from the northern part of Bangladesh because there is only one route in this are to go Dinajpur to Dhaka or Saidpur to Dhaka. So this station is an important station and historical too.

There are four intercity trains leaves Santahar railway station towards Dhaka. They are Ekota express, Drutojan express, Nilsagor express and Rongpur express. Its about six hours journey from Santahar to Dhaka. But it's comfortable enough you know.

Santahar station train schedule

Intercity Trains from Santahar Station

Train No Name Off Day From Departure To Arrival
705 Ekota Express Tuesday Santahar 4:15:00 PM Dinajpur 7:40:00 PM
706 Ekota Express Monday Santahar 12:50:00 AM Dhaka 7:15:00 AM
713 Karotoa Express No Santahar 4:25:00 PM Burimari 11:30:00 PM
727 Rupsha Express Thursday Santahar 2:30:00 PM Saidpur 5:15:00 PM
728 Rupsha Express Thursday Santahar 10:50:00 AM Khulna 6:00:00 PM
731 Barandra Express Sunday Santahar 5:30:00 PM Nilphamari 9:00:00 PM
732 Barandra Express Sunday Santahar 10:05:00 AM Rajshahi 12:35:00 PM
733 Titumir Express Wednesday Santahar 9:10:00 AM Chilahati 1:40:00 PM
734 Titumir Express Wednesday Santahar 7:10:00 PM Rajshahi 10:00:00 PM
747 Simanta Express No Santahar 3:45:00 AM Saidpur 6:20:00 AM
748 Simanta Express No Santahar 09:45:00 PM Khulna 4:30:00 AM
751 Lalmoni Express Friday Santahar 4:35:00 AM Lalmonirhat 8:20:00 AM
752 Lalmoni Express Friday Santahar 2:30:00 PM Dhaka 9:10:00 PM
757 Drutajan Express Wednesday Santahar 1:55:00 AM Dinajpur 5:30:00 AM
758 Drutajan Express Wednesday Santahar 11:20:00 AM Dhaka 5:55:00 PM
765 Nilsagor Express Monday Santahar 2:05:00 PM Nilphamari 5:15:00 PM
766 Nilshagar Sunday Santahar 1:50:00 AM Dhaka Cantt 7:50:00 AM
767 Dulonchapa Express No Santahar 01:30:00 PM Dinajpur 08:30:00 PM
771 Rangpur Express Sunday Santahar 3:05:00 PM Rangpur 7:00:00 PM
772 Rangpur Express Sunday Santahar 11:55:00 PM Dhaka 06.15 AM

Mail/ Express trains from Santahar Station

Train No Name Off Day From Departure To Arrival
7 Uttorbongo Mail No Santahar 9:30:00 AM Panchagar 11:10:00 PM
19 Bogra Express No Santahar 4:00:00 PM Lalmonirhat 10:20:00 PM
21 Padmaragh Express No Santahar 6:30:00 AM Lalmonirhat 12:45:00 PM
23 Rocket Express No Santahar 7:20:00 PM Parbatipur 10:00:00 PM
24 Rocket Express No Santahar 12:45:00 PM Khulna 12:10:00 AM
31 Uttara Express No Santahar 4:50:00 PM Parbotipur 8:15:00 PM
32 Uttara Express No Santahar 6:20:00 AM Rajshahi 10:25:00 AM

Santahar Railway station was one of the largest and important railway station in Bangladesh using science 1878, situated in present Adomdhighi, Bogra. Earlier the then British period santahar was used as station in Calcutta to Siligori long route.

Now Santahar Railway station plays an important role in Bangladesh Railway. From Dhaka to Northern Part of Bangladesh except Rajshahi and Chapai Nobabgong then you must have to cross Santahar Railway station and it will get an stoppage there.

This is a part of a long two long route Dhaka to Saidpur and Saidpur to Khulna route.

Santahar Railway station is just beside Naogaon District and people of Naogaon District use this important station to travel whole 17 district of North Bengle and Dhaka. However if want to travel Naogaon sodor district then you can land to Santahar Railway station. Ekota Express, Lalmoni Express, Drutojan Express, or Nilsagor Express any one you can use from Dhaka to Santahar Journey. Among them Nilsagor Express is the newest one, I like it. Check it's time schedule from Biman Bondor Railway station Dhaka.  have a safe journey. Thanks