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Rajshahi Station Train Schedule

Trains from Rajshai Station

Rajshahi is a divisional city in Bangladesh and one of the most Important city too. People call it as an educational city due to 50% of total population here are students. A lot of popular reputed educational institutions situated in Rajshahi like the Rajshahi University, RMC (Rajshahi Medical College) Rajshahi Collage and so on.

Rajshahi Railway station is connected directly with Dhaka, Khulna, and Rongpur division. Thousands of people travel through train from Rajshahi Railway station.

Specially, From Rajshahi to Khulna, Josher, Katia, Chuadanga train route is the best route to travel. It's more safer and comfortable too.

Have you ever hard Hardinge bridge or Pakshi Bridge? Hopefully you heard it, coz this is one of most ancient railway bridge in Bangladesh and it's age is near 200 years. You will be amazed if you go there, how this steel structure bridge existing till two hundreds year with pride?

However, If you travel to Khulna division from Rajshahi railway station then you will be able to see the Hardinge Bridge from train. it will be great no doubt.

So I think you understood how important this station is. Let's check it's train schedule. Happy travelling.

Here is the train schedule of Rajshahi Railway Station

Train schedule from Rajshahi Station

Intercity Trains from Rajshahi Station

Train No Name Off Day From Departure To Arrival
716 Kapotaksha Express Saturday Rajshahi 2:00:00 PM Khulna 8:50:00 PM
731 Barandra Express Sunday Rajshahi 3:00:00 PM Nilphamari 9:00:00 PM
733 Titumir Express Wednesday Rajshahi 6:30:00 AM Chilahati 1:40:00 PM
754 Silkcity Express Sunday Rajshahi 7:30:00 AM Dhaka 2:00:00 PM
756 Madhumati Express Thusday Rajshahi 7:10:00 AM Goalando Ghat 12:40:00 PM
760 Padma Express Tuesday Rajshahi 4:00:00 PM Dhaka 9:50:00 PM
762 Sagordari Express Monday Rajshahi 6:50:00 AM Khulna 1:30:00 PM
770 Dumkatu Express Friday Rajshahi 11:20:00 PM Dhaka 4:55:00 AM

Mail/ Express Trains from Rajshahi

Train No Name Off Day From Departure To Arrival
5 Rajshahi Express No Rajshahi 07:40:00 PM Chapainowabgonj 9:45:00 PM
6 Rajshahi Express No Rajshahi 10:30:00 AM Sirajgonj Bazar 5:20:00 PM
15 Mohananda Express No Rajshahi 08:40:00 PM Chapainowabgonj 10:45:00 PM
16 Mohananda Express No Rajshahi 8:20:00 AM Khulna 5:30:00 PM
31 Uttara Express No Rajshahi 12:00:00 PM Parbatipur 8:15:00 PM
57 Rajshahi Commuter No Rajshahi 9:30:00 AM Chapainowabgonj 11:20:00 AM
58 Rajshahi Commuter No Rajshahi 5:30:00 PM Ishurdi 7:00:00 PM
77 Rajshahi Commuter No Rajshahi 03:00:00 PM Rohanpur 05:00:00 PM
78 Rajshahi Commuter No Rajshahi 07:35:00 PM Iswadi 09:15:00 PM