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Parbatipur, Dinajpur Railway Station Train Schedule

Parbatipur is situated in Dinajpur District, Rongpur Division. Here is the train schedule of Parbatipur railway station.

Parbotipur railway station is not only a railway station but a railway junction. It seems that it is a sub railway netwrok inside bangladesh due to it is connected with some of railway stations and routes which is not directly connected with the main stream railway network in Bangladesh. Like Parbotipur to Pnchogor railway route.

However, Parbotipur railway station is a historical railway station. It was eastablished in 1878. During the British period, all communication between Assam and Northern Bengal was completed with the eastern part of Bengal. Since 1878, the route of the railway from Caligar to Calgary was completed on two roads. The first was 185 kilometers away, and the second meter gauge line of 336 kilometers of North Bengal Railway, which connected Sarighat on the north bank of Padma, with Siliguri.

Now present day’s this railway station is connected widely with Dhaka Rajshahi khulna and other important cities in Bangladesh.

Parbatipur To Dhaka Train Schedule

There are three trains available from Parbatipur to Dhaka. They are Ekota express, Drutojan express and Nilsagor express. Please check the time table from table below.

Parbatipur to Dhaka Train Ticket Price

Parbatipur to Dhaka airport train Shovon ticket price 340 BDT.
Parbatipur to Dhaka airport train Shovon chair ticket price 405 BDT.
Parbatipur to Dhaka airport train Snigdha ticket price 675 BDT.
Parbatipur to Dhaka airport train 1st class seat ticket price 540  BDT.
Parbatipur to Dhaka airport train 1st class berth ticket price 810 BDT.
Parbatipur to Dhaka airport train AC seat ticket price 810 BDT.
Parbatipur to Dhaka airport train AC Berth ticket price 1215 BDT.

Parbatipur to khulna Train Schedule

There are three trains available from Parbatipur to Khulna, two intercity train of them are Rupsa express and Simanta express and the other mail express train is Rocket express. Please check the table below for details train schedule.

Parbatipur to Rajshahi Train Schedule

There are three trains run between parbatipur and Rajshahi. Two of them are intercity trains they are Barendra express and Titumir express. The other mail express train is Uttra express. Please check the time table of train schedule below.
There are more trains also from parbatipur to Dinajpur, Lalmonirhat, Panchagar, Santahar, Nilphamari, Birol and so on. Check the table below.

Trains from Parbatipur, Dinajpur

Parbatipur railway station train schedule

Intercity Trains from Parbatipur, Dinajpur

Train No Name Off Day From Departure To Arrival
705 Ekota Express Tuesday Parbatipur 6:30:00 PM Dinajpur 7:40:00 PM
706 Ekota Express Monday Parbatipur 10:40:00 PM Dhaka 7:15:00 AM
727 Rupsha express Thursday Parbatipur 4:40:00 PM Saidpur 5:15:00 PM
728 Rupsha express Thursday Parbatipur 8:30:00 AM Khulna 6:00:00 PM
731 Barandra Express Sunday Parbatipur 8:00:00 AM Nilphamari 9:00:00 PM
732 Barendra express Sunday Parbatipur 7:45:00 AM Rajshahi 12:35:00 AM
733 Titumir express Wednesday Parbatipur 11:45:00 AM Chilahati 1:40:00 PM
734 Titumir express Wednesday Parbatipur 4:30:00 PM Rajshahi 10:00:00 PM
747 Simanta express No Parbatipur 5:55:00 AM Saidpur 6:20:00 AM
748 Simanta express No Parbatipur 7:45:00 PM Khulna 4:30:00 AM
757 Drutajan Express Wednesday Parbatipur 4:20:00 AM Dinajpur 5:30:00 AM
758 Drutajan Express Wednesday Parbatipur 9:00:00 AM Dhaka 5:55:00 PM
765 Nilsagor Express Monday Parbatipur 4:15:00 PM Nilphamari 5:15:00 PM
766 Nilsagar Express Sunday Parbatipur 11:45:00 PM Dhaka Cantt 7:50:00 AM
767 Dolanchapa Express No Parbatipur 7:20:00 PM Dinajpur 08:30:00 PM
768 Dolanchapa Express No Parbatipur 7:10:00 AM Santahar 12:20:00 PM

Mail/ Express Trains from Parbatipur Station

Train No Name Off Day From Departure To Arrival
7 UttarBanga Mail No Parbatipur 5:20:00 PM Panchagar 11:10:00 PM
8 UttarBanga Mail No Parbatipur 2:20:00 PM Santahar 10:40:00 PM
24 Rocket Express No Parbatipur 9:50:00 AM Khulna 12:10:00 AM
27 Chilahati Express No Parbatipur 4:30:00 AM Chilahati 6:30:00 AM
32 Uttara express No Parbatipur 3:10:00 AM Rajshahi 10:25:00 AM
41 Kanchan Express No Parbatipur 8:00:00 AM Thakurgaon Road 12:30:00 PM
59 Ramsagor Express No Parbatipur 11:45:00 AM Dinajpur 2:00:00 PM
60 Ramsagor Express No Parbatipur 4:30:00 PM Bonarpara 9:00:00 PM
61 Dinajpur Commuter No Parbatipur 9:10:00 AM Birol 11:10:00 AM
62 Dinajpur Commuter No Parbatipur 1:00:00 PM Lalmonirhat 3:00:00 PM
64 Lalmoni Commuter No Parbatipur 5:30:00 AM Lalmonirhat 7:40:00 AM
70 Parbatipur Commuter No Parbatipur 7:10:00 PM Lalmonirhat 9:25:00 PM
Thakurgaon Commuter-1 No Parbatipur 3:00:00 AM Parbatipur 6:20:00 AM
Rangpur Commuter No Parbatipur 9:00:00 AM Lalmonirhat 11:05:00 AM
This is all about parbatipur railway station train schedule.