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Mymensingh Railway Station Train Schedule

Trains from Mymensingh Station

Mymensingh railway station is situated in mymensingh district the one of the oldest district. In this post we will cover the Mymensingh railway station train schedule. 

This rail way station has little bit historical fun. Do you know any railway station name was built with private property? Yes, This railway staion was built private station and from Mymensingh to Jogonnathgong the eighty eight killometer railway was built privately in 1898. At the then period it was a meter gauge. 

There are a lot of train runs from Mymensingh to dhaka and chittagong. Check out below the train schedule from Mymensingh railway station. 
Mymensing railway station train schedule
Mymensing railway station train schedule

Intercity Trains from Mymensing Station

Train No Name Off Day From Departure To Arrival
707 Tista Express Monday Mymensingh 10:28 Dewangonge Bazar 12:55
708 Tista Express Monday Mymensingh 17:23 Dhaka 20:45
735 Aghnibina No Mymensingh 12:43 Tarakandi 15:20
736 Aghnibina No Mymensingh 19:17 Dhaka 22:55
743 Bhrammaputra Express No Mymensingh 21:30 Dewangonge Bazar 00:20
744 Brahmaputra Express No Mymensingh 09:23 Dhaka 12:50
745 Jamuna Express No Mymensingh 20:30 Banga Bondhu setu (East) 00:20
746 Jamuna Express No Mymensingh 04:40 Dhaka 8:00
777 Hawr Express Thursday Mymensingh 03:20 Mohangonj 06:10
778 Hawr Express Thursday Mymensingh 11:15 Dhaka 15:00
786 Bijoy Express Tuesday Mymensingh 20:00 Chittagong 05:30

Mail/Express Trains from Mymensing Station

Train No Name Off Day From Departure To Arrival
37 Mymensingh Express no Mymensingh 04:40 Banga Bondhu setu (East) 09:30
38 Mymensingh Express No Mymensingh 06:45 Chittagong 20:35
40 Isha Khan Express No Mymensingh 12:00 Dhaka 23:30
43 Mahua Comuter No Mymensingh 12:30 Mohangonj 14:40
44 Mahua Comuter No Mymensingh 17:40 Dhaka 21:30
47 Dewangonj Express No Mymensingh 08:50 Dewangongj Bazar 11:45
48 Dewangonj Express No Mymensingh 15:33 Dhaka 19:10
49 Balaka Express No Mymensingh 15:10 Jharia Jhanjail 16:45
50 Balaka Express No Mymensingh 19:32 Dhaka 23:50
51 Jamalpur Comuter No Mymensingh 19:18 Dewangonj Bazar 22:15
52 Jamalpur Comuter No Mymensingh 07:33 Dhaka 11:10
55 Vawal Express No Mymensingh 01:25 Dawangong Bazar 17:45
56 Vawal Express No Mymensingh 05:30 Dhaka 11:45
75 Dholessory Express No Mymensingh 11:45 Banga Bondhu setu (East) 15:50
92 Mymensingh Comuter Saturday Mymensingh 09:40 Joydebpur 12:35

The main service of this station is Mymensingh to dhaka rail service. beyond of it only one train service available from Mymensingh to chittagong named Bijoy express. Bijoy express start it's journey from Mymensingh railway station towards chittagong at 8:00 PM and reach to chittagong at 5:30 PM. It's a long journey about seven and half hours. People of Mymensingh benifitted a lot by this train service from mymensingh to chittagong. 

There are five intercity trains from Mymensingh to dhaka. They are Tista, Agnibina, Brohmuputtra, hawar and jamuna express. From Mymensingh to Dhaka its about four hours journey. Beyond of intercity trains there are a lot of trains run to Dhaka, Dewangong Bazar, Banga Bondhu setu east and so many stations. So no doubt this is a kind of important railway station.

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