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Laksham Railway Station Train Schedule

Train Schedule of Laksham Railway Station

Laksham is not only a railway station but it's a railway junction. This is one of the biggest railway junction in Bangladesh, may be one of top five. You know what is a railway junction is - where a two or more rail route get together or split up. The nearby station is called as railway junction station. From that definition we can call Laksham railway station as a railway junction station.

A lot of trains reach and leave This busy railway station, Laksham Railway Station. This most busy station among the Stations of Chittagong Division. This station is situated in Laksham, Comilla.

This station has a old history which is gorgeous. Do you know when it was founded? It was 1893, more then hundred years ago at the then British period. It was established up to 300 acers of land with four platforms. Now to the present days at least twenty couple trains runs everyday. You can imagine how busy this train station is.

The length of train schedule form Laksham is quite big because you know it's a very busy railway station. So scroll with patience and find out your need.
Laksham Railway Station Train Schedule
Laksham Railway Station Train Schedule

Intercity Trains from Laksham Station

Train No Name Off Day From Departure To Arrival
703 Mohanagor Godholi No Laksam 17:31 Dhaka 22:15
704 Mohanagor Provati No Laksam 12:04 Chittagong 14:55
711 Upakul Express Wednesday Laksam 07:40 Dhaka 12:30
712 Upakul Express Wednesday Laksam 20:00 Noakhali 21:40
719 Paharika Express Monday Laksam 11:12 Sylhet 18:00
720 Paharika Express Saturday Laksam 17:17 Chittagong 20:05
721 Mohanogor Express Sunday Laksam 15:05 Dhaka 19:30
722 Mohanogor Express Sunday Laksam 02:02 Chittagong 05:00
723 Udayan Express Saturday Laksam 00:20 Sylhet 06:55
724 Udayan Express Sunday Laksam 3:40 Chittagong 06:35
729 Meghna Express No Laksam 19:55 Chandpur 22:00
730 Meghna Express No Laksam 07:15 Chittagong 10:00
741 Turna No Laksam 01:38 Dhaka 06:30
742 Turna No Laksam 4:13 Chittagong 7:10
785 Bijoy Express Wednesday Laksam 09:55 Mymensingh 16:45
786 Bijoy Express Tuesday Laksam 02:45 Chittagong 05:30

Mail/Express trains from Laksham

Train No Name Off Day From Departure To Arrival
1 Dhaka Mail No Laksam 1:18 Dhaka 07:40
2 Chittagong Mail No Laksam 4:45 Chittagong 07:50
3 Karnafuli Express No Laksam 13:07 Dhaka 20:10
4 Karnafuli Express No Laksam 15:10 Chittagong 18:30
11 Dhaka Express No Laksam 23:25 Dhaka 06:50
12 Noakhali Express No Laksam 04:10 Noakhali 06:40
13 Jalalabad Express No Laksam 00:30 Sylhet 11:20
14 Jalalabad Express No Laksam 08:43 Chittagong 12:40
29 Sagorika Express No Laksam 10:55 Chandpur 13:05
30 Sagorika Express No Laksam 16:20 Chittagong 19:35
37 Mymensingh Express No Laksam 20:10 Banga Bondhu setu (East) 09:30
38 Mymensingh Express No Laksam 16:32 Chittagong 20:40
46 Somotut Express No Laksam 18:00 Noakhali 20:00
67 Chattala Express Tuesday Laksam 11:03 Dhaka 15:45
68 Chattala Express Tuesday Laksam 18:07 Chittagong 21:00
79 Laksam Comuter No Laksam 20:35 Comilla 21:05
80 Laksam Comuter Saturday Laksam 5:33 Chittagong 8:40
81 Chandpur Comuter Friday Laksam 12:06 Comilla 12:35
82 Chandpur Comuter Friday Laksam 07:10 Chandpur 09:15
83 Chandpur Comuter Friday Laksam 19:00 Comilla 19:40
84 Chandpur Comuter Friday Laksam 13:40 Chandpur 16:10

Laksham railway station is proudly connected with Dhaka, Sylhet and Chittagong. There are four intercity trains from Laksham to Dhaka. They are Mohanagor Gogholi, Upokul express, Mohanogor express, and Turna express. its about five hours journey from Laksham to Dhaka which quite comfortable.

From Laksham to Chittagong there are six trains. So there is a very good communication from Laksham to Chittagong. They are Mohanagor provati, Paharika express, Mohanogor express, and Turna express. Its about five hours journey from Laksham to Chittagong.

From Laksham to Sylhet it's a very good communication by train too. Laksham to Sylhet trains are Udyan express and paharika express. Its about four and half hour journey from Laksham to Sylhet.

However, Laksham is connected with Comilla and Chadpur and Noakhali too.

If you someone from Laksham then hope this train schedule will help you a lot. Have a niche journey from Laksham. This all about Laksham railway station train schedule.