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Kulaura Railway Station train schedule

Kulaura upozila is the biggest upozila in Moulvibazar district, and the Kulaura Railway Station plays an important role too in Sylhet Division Transport. Here is its train schedule.

Kulaura railway station is the part of Akhaura Kulaura Chhatak railway route owned by Bangladesh railway. The real history behind the establishment of this rail route was easy transportation of tea from Sylhet and Assam to the Chittagong port. It was established by the then Assam railway corporation.

Now Kulaura railway station is decently connected and running numbers of trains every day from Dhaka to Chittagong and Dhaka to Sylhet and Sylhet to Chittagong. There is no way to go Chittagong from Sylhet by train without Kulaura railways station. Checkout it's train schedule below.

Kulaura railway station train schedule
Kulaura railway station train schedule

Trains from Kulaura Station

Intercity Trains from Kulaura

Train No Name Off Day From Departure To Arrival
709 Parabat Express Tuesday Kulaura 12:20 Sylhet 13:40
710 Parabat Express Tuesday Kulaura 16:19 Dhaka 22:35
717 Jayantika Express No Kulaura 18:10 Sylhet 19:45
718 Jayantika Express Thursday Kulaura 09:53 Dhaka 16:20
719 Paharika Express Monday Kulaura 16:20 Sylhet 18:00
720 Paharika Express Saturday Kulaura 11:38 Chittagong 20:05
723 Udayan Express Saturday Kulaura 05:12 Sylhet 06:55
724 Udayan Express Sunday Kulaura 22:31 Chittagong 06:35
739 Upaban Express Wednesday Kulaura 03:55 Sylhet 05:30
740 Upaban Express No Kulaura 23:23 Dhaka 05:25
773 Kalani Express Friday Kulaura 21:08 Sylhet 22:45
774 Kalani Express Friday Kulaura 08:13 Dhaka 14:10

Mail/Express Trains from Kulaura Station

Train No Name Off Day From Departure To Arrival
9 Surma Mail No Kulaura 09:53 Sylhet 12:20
10 Surma Mail Kulaura 21:58 Dhaka 09:45
13 Jalalabad Express No Kulaura 08:55 Sylhet 11:20
14 Jalalabad Express No Kulaura 00:35 Chittagong 12:40
17 Kushiara Express No Kulaura 11:38 Sylhet 14:20
18 Kushiara Express No Kulaura 19:02 Akhaura 00:30
93 Sylhet Comuter Friday Kulaura 19:33 Sylhet 21:55
94 Sylhet Comuter Friday Kulaura 08:52 Akhaura 13:00

There are a lot of comfortable trains run from this station both mail express trains and intercity trains. There are four intercity trains start its journey towards Dhaka from Kulaura. They are Parabat express, Joyontika express, Upaban express, and Kalni express. The only mail express train run from Kulaura is Surma express.

There are three trains from run from Kulaura to Chittagong. They are Paharika express and Udyan express and Jalalabad express.

From Kulaura the left train runs between kulaura and Sylhet.

From Kulaura to Dhaka it's about six hours journey and it's a long journey. From Kulaura to Chittagong its about six hours journey too. However Sylhet is very close from Kulaura, its only about one and half hour journey.

Hope this train schedule from Kulaura will help you a lot. Happy travelling.