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Jessore Railway Station Train Schedule

Trains from Jessore Station

Jessore is an important city in Bangaldesh, it is situated in Khulna Division. There is a direct railway line to Khulna Station from Dhaka Division, Rajshahi, and Rongpur division. But if we want to reach khulna via train you must have to cross Jessore Railway Station.

Jessore Railway Station Train Schedule

Intercity trains from Jessore Station

Train No Name Off Day From Departure To Arrival
715 Kapotaksha Express Saturday Jessore 7:55:00 AM Rajshahi 1:10:00 PM
716 Kapotaksha Express Saturday Jessore 7:09:00 PM Khulna 8:50:00 PM
725 Sundarban Express Tuesday Jessore 09:00:00 PM Dhaka 05:40:00 PM
726 Sundarban Express Wednesday Jessore 2:45:00 PM Khulna 4:20:00 PM
727 Rupsha Express Thursday Jessore 9:07:00 AM Saidpur 5:15:00 PM
728 Rupsha Express Thursday Jessore 4:30:00 PM Khulna 6:00:00 PM
747 Simanta Express No Jessore 10:29:00 PM Saidpur 6:20:00 AM
748 Simanta Express No Jessore 02:48:00 AM Khulna 4:30:00 AM
761 Sagordari Express Monday Jessore 04:30:00 PM Rajshahi 09:40:00 PM
762 Sagordari Express Monday Jessore 11:55:00 AM Khulna 1:30:00 PM
763 Chitra Express Monday Jessore 9:55:00 AM Dhaka 06:20:00 PM
764 Chitra Express Monday Jessore 3:40:00 AM Khulna 5:10:00 AM

Mail/Express trains from Jessore Station

Train No Name Off Day From Departure To Arrival
15 Mohananda Express No Jessore 1:20:00 PM ChapaiNawabgonj 10:45:00 PM
16 Mohananda Express No Jessore 3:40:00 PM Khulna 5:30:00 PM
23 Rocket Express No Jessore 10:55:00 AM Parbatipur 10:00:00 PM
24 Rocket Express No Jessore 10:30:00 PM Khulna 12:10:00 AM
25 Nokshikantha Express No Jessore 3:40:00 AM Goaland Ghat 11:00:00 AM
26 Nokshikantha Express No Jessore 8:10:00 PM Khulna 10:30:00 PM
53 Benapol Commuter No Jessore 8:30:00 AM Benapol 9:30:00 AM
54 Benapol Commuter No Jessore 1:50:00 PM Khulna 3:30:00 PM

Jessore railway station is not only a railway station but it's a railway junction. Jessore is the door of connecting with the whole indian subcontinent from the British period via train. The British used the route Kolkata to Jessore to Assam railway route for their business purpose.

To the present day's Dhaka is connected with Kolkata, India via Jessore railway Junction. you know Maitree Express is one and only train available now between India and Bangladesh and this train use Dhaka to Jessore to Kolkata route. So geologically Jessore was an important place and till now too.

this important station used as a stoppage station for Dhaka Khulna Route, Khulna to Saidpur Railway route, Khulna to Chapainobabgong route via Rajshahi, Khulna to Parbotipur route etc. So I think you understood how important this station is.

Not only in the prospect of train transport but also in road tansport Jessore is an important district in Bangladesh. The Benopal Port is one of the most busy port in Bangladesh situated in Jessore district.

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