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JamalPur Railway Station Train Schedule

Trains from Jamalpur Railway Station

Jamalpur railway station is situated in Jamalpur district, there are few railway stations in Jamalpur and they are ShorisaBari and Tarakandi. However, Jamalpur railway station is the central railway station of Jamalpur district. 

Jamalpur railway station is gorgeously connected with the capital of Bangladesh Dhaka and the second largest city Chittagong. The journey from Jamalpur to Chittagong is a long journey but comfortable as well. 

There are three intercity trains from Jamalpur to Dhaka. They are Tista Express, Agnibina express, and Jamuna express.

Tista express leaves Jamalpur railway station at 04:05 PM towards Dhaka and reach at 08:45 PM it's around five hours journey.

The Agnibina express start it's journey from Jamalpur railway station at 05:35 PM and reaches at 10:55 PM. Agnibina express also took around five hours to reach Dhaka.

The another train Jamuna express start it's journey for Dhaka at 3:15 AM and reach at 8:00 AM. There is no offday of Jamuna express.

Moreover a lot of mail express trains leaves everyday Jamalpur station for Dhaka, chittgong and Mymensingh.

The only train from Jamalpur to Chittagong is a mail express train Mymensingh express. Mymensingh express runs Mymensingh to Chittagong and it start it's journey from Jamalpur railway station at 04:40 AM and reach to Chittagong at 08:35 PM. This is really a long journey. 

jamalpur station train schedule
jamalpur station train schedule

Train No Name Off Day From Departure To Arrival
707 Tista Express Monday Jamalpur 11:38 Dewangonge Bazar 12:50
708 Tista Express Monday Jamalpur 16:05 Dhaka 20:45
735 Aghnibina No Jamalpur 13:50 Tarakandi 15:20
736 Aghnibina No Jamalpur 17:35 Dhaka 22:55
743 Bhrammaputra Express No Jamalpur 22:53 Dewangonge Bazar 00:20
744 Bhrammaputra Express No Jamalpur 07:40 Dhaka 12:50
745 Jamuna Express No Jamalpur 21:48 Banga Bondhu setu (East) 00:20
746 Jamuna Express No Jamalpur 03:15 Dhaka 08:00

Mail/Express Train from Jamlpur Station

Train No Name Off Day From Departure To Arrival
37 Mymensingh Express No Jamalpur 06:40 Banga Bondhu setu (East) 09:30
38 Mymensingh Express No Jamalpur 04:40 Chittagong 20:35
47 Dewangonj Comuter No Jamalpur 10:27 Dawangonj Bazar 11:45
48 Dewangonj Comuter No Jamalpur 14:05 Dhaka 19:10
51 Jamalpur Comuter No Jamalpur 20:58 Dewangonj Bazar 22:15
52 Jamalpur Comuter No Jamalpur 05:56 Dhaka 11:10
56 Vawal Express No Jamalpur 03:33 Dhaka 11:45
55 Vawal Express No Jamalpur 03:22 Dewangong Bazar 05:45
75 Dholessory Express No Jamalpur 13:32 Banga Bondhu setu (East) 15:50
76 Dholessory Express No Jamalpur 20:07 Mymensingh 23:00
Hope this Jamalpur railway station train schedule will help you a lot. Have a nice Journey from Jamalpur via train.