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Comilla Railway Station Train Schedule

Trains from Comilla Station

Comilla Railway Station Situated is Comilla District. Train Journey from Comilla to dhaka and Comilla to chittagong is very comfortable due to this railway station. Here is it's train schedule.

Comilla Railway Station Train Schedule
Comilla Railway Station Train Schedule

Intercity Trains from Comilla

Train No Name Off Day From Departure To Arrival
703 Mahanagar Godhuli no Comilla 18:03 Dhaka 22:15
704 Mohanagar Provati No Comilla 11:34 Chittagong 14:55
711 Upakul Express Wednesday Comilla 08:12 Dhaka 12:30
712 Upakul Express Tuesday Comilla 19:25 Noakhali 21:40
719 Paharika Express Monday Comilla 12:08 Sylhet 18:00
720 Paharika Express Saturday Comilla 16:46 Chittagong 20:05
721 Mohanagar Express Sunday Comilla 15:36 Dhaka 19:30
722 Mohanagar Express Sunday Comilla 00:50 Chittagong 05:00
723 Udayan Express Saturday Comilla 00:53 Sylhet 06:55
724 Udayan Express Sunday Comilla 03:05 Chittagong 06:35
741 Turna No Comilla 02:13 Dhaka 06:30
742 Turna No Comilla 03:38 Chittagong 07:10
785 Bijoy Express Wednesday Comilla 10:26 Mymensingh 16:45
786 Bijoy Express Tuesday Comilla 02:10 Chittagong 05:30

Mail/Express Trains from Comilla Station

Train No Name Off Day From Departure To Arrival
1 Dhaka Mail No Comilla 01:53 Dhaka 07:40
2 Chittagong Mail No Comilla 04:08 Chittagong 07:50
3 Karnafuli Express No Comilla 13:40 Dhaka 20:10
4 Karnafuli Express No Comilla 14:30 Chittagong 18:30
11 Dhaka Express No Comilla 00:05 Dhaka 06:50
12 Noahkali Express No Comilla 03:20 Noakhali 06:40
13 Jalalabad Express No Comilla 01:15 Sylhet 11:20
14 Jalalabad Express No Comilla 07:42 Chittagong 12:40
37 Mymeensingh Express no Comilla 20:55 Banga Bondhu setu (East) 9:30
38 Mymensingh Express No Comilla 15:35 Chittagong 20:40
67 Chattala Express Tuesday Comilla 11:35 Dhaka 15:45
68 Chattala Express Tuesday Comilla 17:20 Chittagong 21:00
80 Laksam Comuter Saturday Comilla 05:00 Chittagong 08:40
83 Down Chandpur Comuter Friday Comilla 19:50 Laksam 20:30
84 Chandpur Comuter Friday Comilla 12:45 Chandpur 16:10
86 Noakhali Comuter Friday Comilla 08:45 Noakhali 11:35
88 Noakhali Comuter Friday Comilla 14:10 Noakhali 17:10
89 Comilla Comuter Friday Comilla 06:00 Dhaka 11:30
90 Up Comilla Comuter Friday Comilla 19:30 Akhaura 21:00

Comilla Railway station is gorgeously connected with most the important part in Bangladesh. Comilla to Dhaka, Comilla to Ctg and Comilla to Sylhet is the longest route used by Comilla Railway Station.  Even Comilla is connected with Mymensingh district via railway too.

The trains reach to Dhaka from Comilla are Mohanagor Godhuloli express, Upakul Express and Turna. The trains reaches to Chittagong from Comilla are Mohanagor Provati, Paharika expresss, Udayan express and Bijoy express and the trains reach to Sylhet from Comilla railway station are Udayan express and Paharika express. To know the train schedule please check the above tables. Moreover a lot of mail express trains reach and leaves everyday to the Comilla railway station. Some of them leaves Comilla railway station towards Dhaka , some of them are towards Chittagong and some of them are towards Sylhet. However, the facilities of intercity trains are much more then the mail express trains.

You can checkout Dhaka to Comilla and Comilla to Dhaka train schedule and ticket price.

However, If you ever travel to Comilla don't forget to eat famous sweet from Comilla "ROSOMALAI". it's really lovely.

Comilla is the largest city in the eastern Bangladesh enriched with history and culture for all the time. It was as important in the ancient era and as it is to the present days and in the British period too.

Comilla is remember able due to another reason that Our National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam was came to Comilla and wrote a lot of poem from there against the then British Government oppression.

So I hope this schedule will help you to make a better tour. we are searching more about the history of Comilla railway station. If you find something new then Contact us through our contact page please. Thanks